My Nemesis…


Especially now that I have a, wait for it….HIGHSCHOOLER!! (insert creepy music)

I have never really been a fan of mornings, but as a cake decorator, they are literally my nemesis. I, as many creative types, do my best thinking/ creating at night preferably with a glass of wine and The Office playing in the background. It was bad enough being the Mom in the carpool line who had only gone to bed a few hours before and was covered in cornstarch and food coloring, but now I drive up to my daughter’s school looking like I walked off the set of The Walking Dead. The only positive is that it is so early, it is still dark, so there is a slim chance of being seen. 

 I wipe my sleepy eyes as I pull into the driveway with just enough time to wake up my son and get him ready and out the door. You would think at this point I could crawl back into bed for just a bit, but nope! Time to get up my Junior High daughter and carefully not step on any mines as I get her out the door…(hormone city)! By this time is it 8:45 and if I even think about slipping under the covers I will inevitably fall into a deep sleep without waking until after lunch….when my oldest arrives back home. This is my new life. I used to cake all night and it was all rainbows and unicorns…literally…I make A LOT of unicorn cakes.😆  I’d like to say I can tough it out for a few years, but 1,2,3(I’m trying to do the math)…there is eight, EIGHT more years of this. 😩 Oh well, for now I must press on, there are many, many cakes that aren’t going to bake themselves. I will embrace the new me, (OK, not so new) with my comfy socks and pajama pants! Until tomorrow friends, and I mean EARLY tomorrow!  

~ Bethany