Never ending to-do list of an Entrepreneur!

Last night, before going to bed, I made my to-do list for today with every intention of jumping up and starting my day with enthusiasm!  It is now 9:15am, I have been up since 5 and I have not checked a single thing off of my list. All of you A-type personalities know how unnerving this is for me. Instead, I find myself sitting here writing this post in my pajamas and comfy socks.

Sometimes my head is filled with so many things that need to be done, I just get stuck and don’t know where to begin. It’s like writer’s block…but with everything. The difference is that I am not stuck on what to do, but making myself do it. I love what I do, I get to be home for the kids, make my own hours, and create art OUT OF CAKE for a living, but being an entrepreneur is hard. It’s really hard, and the dream of having your own business doesn’t prepare you for the reality of what it actually takes to accomplish it.  It is so rewarding, yet can be very lonely too. While you guys see my posts of cake pics and fun videos, there is truth to the blood, sweat, and many tears that people don’t always see. I am not complaining, I am just being real, and sometimes real is sitting in my pj’s being exhausted before even starting my to-do list.

I know that once my coffee kicks in, I’ll pop some cakes in the oven, force myself on the treadmill and be checking the boxes like crazy…or maybe after my second cup of coffee kicks in. lol.

For all of you brave souls that stepped out in faith creating a business out of nothing, being not only the owner, but the artist, accountant, business manager, dish washer, schedule maker, e-mail writer, advertising agent, marketer, customer service rep, errand runner, and (I’m sure I’m forgetting something), a huge shout out to you! I feel your joy and your stress, and am sending a big hug your way today.

To my family and friends who have to put up with me after a stressful day, and to my clients who trust me with your special occasions, THANK YOU!! Your mentions, comments, likes and shares are what make my dream job a reality and mean so much more than you know!