Dear Santa

Well here we are again, in the midst of the hustle and bustle, the sales and shopping craziness. Christmas is all around! I love everything about this time of year, the smells that trigger so many memories, the glow of the lights, but I especially love the nonstop Hallmark Christmas movies!! Although I do think the amount of emotions that I have while watching them might be the sign of a serious problem, I am choosing to ignore that! 😊

As I asked my kids to start making their wish lists, I started thinking that after the year we have had, I had a wish list of my own that has nothing to do with what is wrapped under the tree. So here it is…

Dear Santa,

It’s been a while, quite a while…

I have a Christmas list that is so much harder than the the ones I used to write. I wish I could ask for something simple like a Barbie or a beeper(yes I am that old), but my request is not so simple this year. As you know, five years ago when I remarried, I gained a husband and a daughter to add to my two kids. We are now a blended family of five. So many complications came with this that were unexpected to say the least, and it hasn’t been easy on any of us. So this year my Christmas wish is this… well behaved kids filled with kindness and love toward each other, calm Godly spirit for my husband, and gentle patience for me. Even the most perfect gift beautifully wrapped under the tree could not compare to the joy this would bring.

I still believe,



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