Bark! Bark! BABY!!

It’s hard to express what it feels like when NO one believes in you or your ability and then you turn around and prove them all wrong!

Last week, we came into the competition the “underdogs” or so they say. We are the only home bakers left and we have been successfully flying under the radar, until…we walk in and find the ticket to Cabo. This ticket however, comes with a catch…in order to receive the all-expense paid trip that is dangling in front of us, we must be the only two person team, competing against trained professionals. The decision is not an easy one, but it’s time to show everyone what I can do. 

I went into this challenge extremely nervous, but confident. This is a huge opportunity to show our skills….what I was NOT expecting was to turn the competition completely upside down. NO ONE saw us coming, but they ALL watched us walk away with not only the trip to Cabo, but $7000 in cookware! In the words of Jose, “I don’t think these girls are just here to bake cupcakes…” 🙂

I took my trip to Cabo in June and not only was it BEAUTIFUL, but I got to stand on this amazing beach and marry the man of my dreams!!!


This trip was not only unforgettable, but I won it in the most unforgettable way!!

Tune in tonight at 8pm for TWO new episodes to see if these underdogs have what it takes to be the Next Great Bakers! 🙂

~Bethany 🙂